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The Beaches of Long Island, The Bahamas

The beaches of Long Island are among the best beaches in the Caribbean and the world.

Columbus Harbour

Said to be the location where explorer Christopher Columbus anchored his boat and rowed ashore. The shallow inner bay is protected and therefore great for kids to play and for family Snorkeling and shelling expeditions.

Gordon’s Beach

This translucent and serene beach greets viewers with miles and miles of floury white sand. Sand, shells and casuarina trees are the only competition for space on this beach. 20 mile south of Clarence Town.

Galloway Beach

Vacationers will never disappointed when they discover the breathtaking beauty of this beach, located in Clarence Town.

Long Island Landmarks

Stop in to the Long Island Museum, Buckleys, to brush up on the history, culture and customs of Long Island which is dotted with plantation ruins, pretty villages and historic cottages.

Dunmore Town on Long Island offers authentic craft and artwork stands and centuries-old churches. You can tour the ruins and relics of the old.

World FamousDEAN’S BLUE HOLE world’s deepest blue holes (660ft) which turns into the world’s eighth-largest underwater caverns.

Cave Tours

Hire a guide to show you around the antiquated and untouched caves of Long Island. Spooky but yet….oh so beautiful.

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  • Deals and Lochabar Beach Deals-North Long Island ) &Lochabar (Clarence Town –South Long Island)
  • Columbus Beach (North End)
  • Hamilton’s Cave-South Long Island
  • Columbus Beach and Monument-North Long Island
  • St. Peter’s Anglican Church-Clarence Town (South Long Island)
  • Max’s Conch Bar (Deadman’s Cay)
  • Dean’s Blue Hole (Scrub Hill)
  • Columbus Beach
  • Long Island Library & Museum (Buckley’s)
  • Diamond Crystal Salt Pond (Hard Bargain)
  • Flying Fish Marina (Clarence Town)
  • Sea Winds Food Store (Petty’s)
  • Shell Gas Station (Cartwrights& Clarence Town)
  • Esso Gas Station (Hamiltons& Salt Pond)

Post Office: Deadman’s Cay. Clinics: Clarence Town &Cartwrights. Police Stations: Clarence Town &Deadman’s Cay